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  • David Sunderland

In the beginning

Light is drawn when atoms dance

As stars reform from a dusty chance

Entropy retrieves a Big Bang's gasp

Pulls us together in a serpent's grasp.

A birth; a wish; a project new

Creation need not have a bigoted pew

Grace and hope to Eden return

But do idols and ideals inevitably burn?

One by one the particles settle

Life and gravity test the mettle

As orbits form; ellipses begin

Knowledge arrives, with love and sin.

We taste the apple each our way

Bitter, mistakes, within us to stay

Cocoons of innocence are jerkily lost

We learn and mourn a gathering frost.

Like a caterpillar's idle, crawling walk

Thrust in the cold vacuum of seasons' talk

Yet butterflies emerge, within, outside

Reality locates on a shifting tide.

Turned in space we drift reborn

Seeing other stars, a haze withdrawn

Wandering, one, among a galaxy full

Metronomically bound to chance's pull.

Lost, found, on a multidimensional rack

Most do end in a mutual tack

Sailing, soaring, twisted together

Sheltered unity that beats the weather.

Cyclicity calls before darkness knocks

And forked tongues demand reinvented clocks

Origins are painted in opposing styles

But tango together as they count the miles.

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